Geenea is an Italian company leader in the research and production of biotechnologies for agriculture. Our range of products is mainly based on selected microorganisms and natural extracts that can be used in the most varied fields of agriculture. The philosophy of ZERO RESIDUE derives from a way of cultivating based on technologies and natural products that ensure that in the finished product there is no residue of chemical synthetic molecules.

Our professional line is suitable for Vegetables, Fruit Trees, Flowers, Cereals, Extensive Crops.

Cruelty free
Vegan Products

In the last decade, consumers have become increasingly sensitive to their health and have focused their choice on safer food products, penalizing the cultivations carried out with chemistry, in favor of organic and zero residue crops.

Cultivating with Geenea products means having the certainty of reliable results. The farmer can thus manage his crops with guaranteed results, having at the same time ensured the purity of the products and raw materials.
All Geenea products are obtained without using any animal derived product, all raw materials are natural and of vegetal origin. Furthermore all products are safe for wild animals and pets. All crops made with Geenea products are Vegan Friendly and Animal Friendly.
All our products are allowed in organic farming and registered at Italian Ministry of Agriculture MIPAAFT with REGISTER NUMBER 01293/12